The perks of electric chain hoists

Inventions have been made over the years in an attempt to make the life of human beings easy. One of those inventions are electric chain hoists. This heavy weight lifting equipment has made it possible for  us to reduce the application of physical efforts when working with heavy materials. AJM Engineering offers a wide selection of heavy equipment that is ideal for a number of projects you may be working on. Our range of products includes chain hoists, rope hoists, crane components, railway products and more. With that being said, we are about to provide you with a few perks of making using of the electric chain hoist.

 Now before we list those perks, it is important we understand what an electric chain hoist is and its function.  An electric chain hoist is a device that is used to lift and lower the load attached  by means of a lift wheel or drum.

The perks are as follows:


What makes this piece of equipment cost-efficient is the fact it is cheaper to maintain. It is compact and light so the chances of faulty components are rare when compared to the manual chain hoist. Additionally, it saves you from labour costs as it does not require a team of people to operate.

High carry capacity

Electric chain hoists have a high loading capacity and efficiency, which allows operators to easily load a wide range of loads. However, if you are lifting objects that are above 50 % of the machine’s capacity every day, it may overheat.

Versatile & Silent in Operation

Included in the perks of using an electric chain hoist is versatility and its reduced noise capabilities. Electric chain hoists can be utilized in various applications as they don’t make noise during operations.


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