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Rail Maintenance Equipment

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    Bogie and Axle Drop Plants

    There are three different types of Bogie Drop Systems.

    The first is a a big pit or underfloor tunnel and machine that has a scissor lifting device or a screw lifting system.

    The second is a medium pit and machine that contains a screw lifting system.

    The last has no pit but has a screw lifting system .

    Depending on the type of train only two supports are need for the coach. The movable frame for the “no pit” type is a steel frame with four lifting points and four Steel Wheels that can be removed laterally. The length of the frame allows the person operating the system to remove the modules that are fixed under the coach of the train using a special interface. The Bertolotti Patent does no require particular civil works. It has been designed to be installed in a depot by only cutting the rail in the position where the plant has to be installed using four small holes for the columns.


    Lifting Jacks

    Lifting Jacks can be mobile on rubber coated wheels with fixed anvil or movable on mounted dedicated rails with retractable anvil. They can be paired from a minimum of 2 columns to a maximum of 48 columns. Our Lifting Jacks comply with UNI EN 1493.

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    Turntable For Bogie and Wheelset

    Bogie turntables or Wheelset turntables come in different outer diameters and are comprised of a main steel structure, a central support for rotation and lateral wheels to support loads. They are either manually operated or motorized. Bertolotti’s Wheelsets rotating table for tramway or train have load capacities from 2.5 Ton to 6 Ton and the Bogie rotating table has capacities of 6 Ton to 10-15 Ton.

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