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Railway Maintence Products

In a business that depends on moving objects from one place to the next, it is vital to cover vast territories quickly, and to work while in motion. AJM Engineering incorporates assessment and maintenance work processes to decrease downtime and streamline resource management. Safety, proficiency, and cost control are the watchwords for railway operators.

We assist with upgrading and enhancing your safety, as well as optimising the use of assets and work force. Use AJM Engineering’s information solutions to track conditions over the whole system of track, resources, and facilities. Precise, timely information offers profitable contribution to deciding and undertaking asset planning.

Tamping is crucial to ensure track quality and stable ballast. We provide an integrated solution for measurement and quality control to support tamping machines and operations.

We supply a Turntable for Bogie & Wheel Sets as well.
Various platforms for roof access can be supplied, either fixed or anchored to the roof.

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