Safe Use Of Lifting Equipment And Lifting Accessories

AJM Engineering is a South African renowned supplier of lifting equipment and lifting accessories. Our years of experience in this industry shows that the failure and/or misuse of lifting machinery can cause serious personal injury, significant damage to property and loss of time and money. Such failure or misuse of lifting accessories is however, to a large extent preventable and SANS (South African National Standards) Health and Safety aims to proactively manage the risks associated with the buying, storage and use of lifting equipment and accessories.

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment, or lifting accessories, is work gear for lifting or bringing down loads, including people, and connections utilized for tying down, settling or supporting it. This incorporates lifting machines, fork lift trucks, passenger/goods lifts, mobile elevating work platforms, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, blocks and pulleys, pallet trucks and so on and handling turnover rigs.

Lifting Accessories are work gear for connecting loads to machinery for lifting and incorporate chain slings, eyebolts, fibre/nylon slings, wire rope slings, lifting/runway beams, lifting frames and so on. This list is obviously not comprehensive. Not included in these definitions are lifting points or brackets which are fixed to equipment, which support as opposed to lift.

These must be designed to have enough strength for the reason intended, however won’t be enlisted or in any case be dealt with as lifting equipment.

Important measures to take in order to ensure safety when dealing with lifting accessories.

  • Make sure that lifting operations are well planned, directed and done in a safe way by individuals who are equipped and competent.
  •  Provide lifting gear and accessories that are appropriate, stable and have sufficient strength to execute a job.
  •  Mark Safe Working Loads [SWL] on lifting gear and accessories; and
  • Thoroughly look at and assess lifting gear and accessories and keep reports of these examinations and any imperfections that are found.
  • Lifting equipment and accessories for lifting people must safeguard people from any form of injury. It also must ensure that anybody trapped in the carrier isn’t exposed to danger and can be easily freed.

Above and beyond supplying lifting accessories, we are particularly concerned about your safety when using the equipment. You can contact us if you need assistance with lifting equipment. We are here to serve you. 

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