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Product Description

ProSTAR Alpha Remote Control Systems:


The Alpha Series utilizes advanced microprocessor control with highly evolved system software that has redundant error checking and correcting capabilities to ensure 100% error-free encoding, transmitting, receiving, decoding and controlling of all output relays. This highly evolved system software includes CRC ans Hamming codes.  It is safe and reliable, with secure operation.


This system is equipped with Advanced Software programing and an advanced encoding system the utilizes advanced microprocessor control for 100% error-free data transmission. The

Remote Control Systems

availability unique security ID codes to ensure that only the matching transmitter can carry out commands without interference from other systems.

The Advanced Decoding System utilizes a dual-microprocessor control, which will ensure error-free calculation, bit checking and correction of all data. A unique central microprocessor is used for data comparison and cross checking amoung the two decoding microprocessors. When faults are detected via this central microprocessor, for maximum safety. the entire system will be shut down immediately  to avoid possibility of any accidents occurring.  The system is self diagnosing and includes transmitter low voltage detection, faulty push button and joystick detection, faulty main contact relay detection. The push buttons can be programed via an in-house designed programmer unit.

the Joysticks are both durable and lightweight. it incorporates advanced photo-interrupter sensors for th joystick contacts. all systems are equipped with a single-slot battery charger that has voltage, temperature and overcharging protection. the charger is also equipped with discharging/auto-charging function to prevent any battery memory buildup.

ALPHA 3000 Series

Alpha 3000 Series


Custom in-house designed 2 and 3 speed push buttons are extremely durable and reliable for a minimum of one million press cycles. The push buttons are easily manipulated even when the operator is wearing gloves, making it more user friendly than other remote controls. It has 30 user selectable RF Channels. The transmitter is made from industrial strength

     Alpha 3000composite materials that resist cracking and deformation that occurs from frequent dropping and long term exposure to heat, sunlight and harsh environments. The enclosure for both the transmitter and receiver are fully sealed and impervious to dust, water, oil, grease, acids, alkaline, heat and sunlight. the modular design of the receiver provides easy maintenance of all internal components. The system has an advanced RISC microprocessor that has redundant error checking and correcting capabilities to ensure error-free encoding, transmitting, receiving, decoding and control of all output relays. The transmitter also utilizes power-saving circuits providing more than 120 hours of continuous operation between battery replacements.

There are 4 Models Available in this Series


EZ BON Series

 There are 6 Models in this series



Alpha 600 Series

Alpha 600 series


This series allows you to set every kind of function combination of software setting display by connecting programmers and radio remote controls using the USB interface. the Receivers main relay is programmed to drop(open) the “Main Line Disconnect Contact” after several minutes of inactivity. The intermittent data transmitting is designed for power saving power saving purposes. Both the transmitter and receiver are equipped with PLL synthesized RF module with 68 sets of user selectable Rf Channels for the transmitter code transmission.  It also has multi-test functions available. the transmitter is both waterproof and durable.

There are 15 Models available in this Series


Alpha 4000 Series

Alpha 4000 Series


The visualized software allows you to set every function of your remote control via software. You can create all kinds of combinations with the software to fit different working environments.  The 5 LEDS show the status and the transmitter is designed with shock absorbing rubbers on the corners.  It has and alternative start up system with either a on/off key switch or an infrared startup. The receiver is designed with changeable PCB that allows the expansion or modification of function setting simply by changing the relay cards.

There are 12 Models available in this series.


MA 100 Siren

Remote Control SystemsThis device contains one horn and one control box. It’s advanced design with lightweight, compact and selectable tone audible signal provides continous duty and economical operation.



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