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Safety Remote Control

Product Description

ProSTAR Autec Safety Remote Control

These safety remote controls are fail-safe, in other words should failure occur this does not compromise their safety functions.

Every product is subject to functional control on a wide range of parameters carried out by automated test equipment.

The cases are mad from impact-resistant material with lightweight, high strength and excellent resistance and chemical exposure.


LK Light Series


Safety Remote Control

The LK Pushbutton handsets are lightweight and fit into the palm of the hand.

It’s shape ensures comfort during use. It is a balanced weight distribution, central thin section for better grip, large diameter pushbutton

and easy to read legends with a belt pouch that is supplied as a standard. The radio remote control set is fail safe. All systems are subject to 

strict functional control on a wide range of parameters carried out by automatic test equipment. The cases of the transmitter and the receiver

are made of impact-resistant composite material with lightweight, high strength and excellent resistance to environmental and chemical exposure.

The LK Feature make it the prefect choice for the control of a wide range of industrial and construction site lifting equipment.

This remote is is easy to install and does not require special maintenance.

 Safety Remote ControlSafety Remote Control



MJ Joystick Controllers and MK Pushbutton Handsets


Safety Remote Control


Safety Remote Control

 MK Push buttons handsets and MJ Joystick controllers are “Fail Safe”.Thier functions are always available, even in the event of radio remote

control failure. The neutral position of movement actuators is controlled by  the SNP which prevents dangerous situations caused by their breakage. 

This mean that no movement is carried out and the pushbutton’s or joystick’s release always results in the interruption of the operation.

The stop function is protected against single failure.

ACS Function (Automatic channel Search) - 

Safety : continuous link, control over the machine is constant

Simplicity: no need to remember frequency change procedure; no need to plan frequency usage 

Reliability: high resistance to interference European standard: wider radio spectrum (up to 256 available frequencies)

Range Limiting function allows you to limit the area within the transmitting unit that can start up the system.

The low Power function enables transmission at a reduced power. By enabling two functions at the same time it is also possible to reduce the working range.Safety Remote Control



air series


Pushbutton Handsets

air pb

Air series A8 models are compact-size, eronomic handsets for the control of lifting,

automation and material handling applications. The main functions of this series include

safety functions, ergonomic design and easy installation.

A8 push button handset are available in 4, 6 and 8 pushbuttons.  

Air8 technical

 AJM, AJM and AJS Joy Stick Controllers



The whole AIR series has  a variety of functions for better customization of setting

Low Power Start Up: It restricts the start up working range

Range Limiting: It restricts the work area of the radio remote control. The radio

AJS transmitting Unit – C ustomizable versions with 2 to 3 dual-axis joysticks, up to 7 actuators, plus Start and Stop may be added. 

AJR transmitting Units – Customizable versions up  to 3 dual axis joysticks and a large number of actuators may be mounted.

AJM transmitting units – Customizable versions up to 4 dual axis joysticks and a large number of actuators may be mounted.

The transmitting units are available with digital commands or analogue commands.

Safety Remote Control

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