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ProSTAR Wire Rope Hoist

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Product Description

Fixed Mounted Type

 Capacity range: 1t-60t



  • Basic component element that is convenient for packing and delivery.
  • The reserved holes for different component installation enables different types of device of device to be assembled such as mono-rail, double rail and low headroom type. etc.


Low Headroom Type

Capacity range 1t-10t 0t



  • This applies to the factory that has lower ceiling which requires the maximum hook path.
  • The compact design of low headroom trolley hoists enables maximum height of lift and full utilization of the available space.
  • Detail specification is available on request.


Mono-Rail Type

Capacity Range 1t-10t



  • Suitable when there is limited space for the trolley or curved moving condition.
  • Combination of fixed mounted-type and mono=rail element operate on the bottom of the single girder.
  • The Wheel protection cover maybe installed on demand to extend life of gears; anti-drop steel plate and buffer rubber pad are installed for the purpose to achieve safety and reliability.
  • Wheels can be adjusted to beam width therefore it is easy to adjust and implement.
  • Two parallel drive wheels make traveling more stable and smooth.
  • It can be applied to a curved beam with bending radius of 1.5 to 3 meters therefore if curved working space existed it can also be used.



Twin Type

Combination of two hoists


  • Heavy and light duty hoist mounted on the same double-rail trolley.
  • Main hoist handles heavy duty; it has slow lift speed and consumes high electricity. sub-hoist handles light duty it has relatively high lift speed, better power saving and easier to operate with.
  • Benefits of two different hoists combining into one, saves the need to have another set rails and it ensures no interference between the two hoists.
  • There is a wide range of combination to choose from, for detail information please contact us.


Double-Rail Type

Capacity Range; 1t-32t



  • Suitable for heavy duty load.
  • combination of fixed mounted type and double-rail trolley operated on double girder.
  • the wheel that is made of mono-block medium carbon steel and the surface is processed with hardness treatment.
  • Wheel protection cover and buffer rubber pad can be installed on demand to reduce impact.
  • Automated adjustment by eccentric shaft capable of running on uneven rails and every sustain the load.
  • Hollow shaft gearbox can be installed on demand to increase the life span of gears.


Double-Rail Type of True Vertical

Capacity Range; 20t-60t


  • Two ropes come from he drum makes the center of loading invariable while loading.
  • The design of double reeling is safer for heavy loading and can ensure the center of gravity is kept in a vertical straight at all times.


 Structure and Characteristics






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