We provide the best Alpha Remote Control Systems

The presentation of crane remote control systems has driven more prominent profitability, effectiveness and safety on crane framework. As we all know, cranes are very valuable in various enterprises, including airplane, car fabricating, minerals, pulp and paper, steel creation, dispatch stacking, as well as the grain industry. Before the remote control innovation, mechanical cranes have been worked by somebody sitting in the cab of the crane. The most recent crane remote control frameworks cater for more safety, reliability, proficiency, adaptability and cost viability.

A few advantages that our remote controls offer:

  1. 1.       Labour efficiency improves

Working in an industry that requires heavy lifting equipment can occasionally be dangerous, especially when employees need to use their own strength to move equipment. With bridge or gantry-like cranes, our remote controls allow lifting and moving of heavy equipment from one place to the next without having employees directing the load. It only takes one individual to control the remote and direct the load.

  1. 2.       Work efficiency improves

With the requirement of only one person handling the entire job, this improves the work efficiency. The reason for this is that operators used to depend on the ground command in order to direct the load. Previously there were miscommunications and the procedure took longer to complete. However, our system eliminates this problem, as there are no miscommunications, there is one man working, and the job gets done well.

  1. 3.       Safe from hazardous environments

With our remotes we are able to assist in working environments that are located in hazardous conditions as well, such as those with poisonous gases. Our Alpha remote control systems provide the employee with the advantages of controlling the crane from a distance; therefore the employee will not be exposed to those dangerous gases.

We offer you:

  • The Twister 2X
  • Alpha 3000 series
  • EZ Bon Series
  • Alpha 600 series
  • Alpha 4000 series
  • MA 100 siren

The Alpha Series utilizes propelled microchip control with developed framework programming, which includes repetitive mistake checking and redressing abilities to guarantee 100% blunder free encoding, transmitting, acquiring, interpreting and controlling of all yield transfers. This exceptionally advanced system programming incorporates CRC and Hamming codes. It is safe and reliable, with secure operation. Invest in our quality remote control systems and you will with no doubt see your return on investment. 

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