Why ProStar hoists are the number one choice when it comes to lifting equipment?

Quality lifting equipment isn’t difficult to come by when you look in the right places. AJM Engineering Services provides top of the line hoisting equipment that will cater to all your lifting needs. This lifting equipment offers several benefits that will have you more excited about lifting equipment than ever before.

High Durability

ProStar hoist is easily maintained and allows for maximum use. Their chain hoists are designed with less moving parts this means that is less wear and tear on the machine. This is done to prolong the lifespan of the equipment and to decrease the amount of maintenance needed. The hoists are made from high-quality material to ensure their durability.

High efficiency

These hoists are easy to use and promote high levels of productivity. ProStar hoists perform with impeccable speed increasing productivity and allowing you to create an efficient working system within your facilities. With wire rope hoists the compact design allows you to get a maximum lift in low ceiling facilities. This will allow for maximum efficiency within the facility and how it operates.


ProStar hoists are equipped with only the best in lifting equipment security. Their chain hoists have advanced braking systems to increase the safety of the equipment. The wire rope hoists are designed with low headroom trollies to increase its lifting capabilities.

Heavy load capacity

Whether it be in commercial or industrial application ProStar hoists can lift at the highest capacity. The machinery allows for comfortable lifting and eliminates the need for manpower when lifting.

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