Benefits of buying a ProSTAR electric chain hoist

ProSTAR electric chain hoists are top of the line electric chain hoists that offer the best performance quality. These chain hoists come with several benefits that will have you more excited over chain hoists than you have ever been. 

Less noise 

In comparison to manual or hydraulic chain hoists, electric chain hoists operate quieter. The ProSTAR electric chain hoist uses a high-performance low noise cooling fan. This means that the system operates efficiently without the added noise that is associated with chain hoists. This is especially helpful when the hoist needs to be used constantly. 

Heavy load capacity

The ProSTAR electric chain hoist can be used for commercial and industrial applications. This piece of machinery allows you to comfortably undertake to lift heavier loads. The electric chain hoist eliminates the need for manpower when lifting these heavy loads.

Increased productivity 

The electric hoist doesn’t need you to exert yourself and makes lifting loads a lot easier. This means that the time it takes to lift and move items is shorter than it would usually take with a manual chain hoist. It doesn’t require manpower so it allows you to increase the productivity of your facilities. 


ProSTAR chain hoists use 48 control voltage to improve operator safety. It also uses advanced braking systems for increased lifting security. 

High durability 

When well maintained and regularly inspected you can expect your electric chain hoist to last you much longer than a hydraulic or manual chain hoist would. Because they are designed to have less moving parts it decreases the wear and tear on the machine. This increases its durability and lifespan.  

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