Why ProStar hoists are the number one choice when it comes to lifting equipment?

Quality lifting equipment isn’t difficult to come by when you look in the right places. AJM Engineering Services provides top of the line hoisting equipment that will cater to all your lifting needs. This lifting equipment offers several benefits that will have you more excited about lifting equipment than ever before.


Signs that show it’s time to change your overhead crane equipment

Manufacturers invest a substantial amount in the equipment at their facilities. Effective overhead crane equipment is an essential part of daily operations. Overhead crane equipment improves productivity and safety so they always need to be in good working condition. Any equipment that is in constant use starts to wear out. You can only use your overhead crane for so long until it’s time to buy new equipment. Here are 4 signs it’s time to upgrade your overhead crane equipment.  more…

Benefits of buying a ProSTAR electric chain hoist

ProSTAR electric chain hoists are top of the line electric chain hoists that offer the best performance quality. These chain hoists come with several benefits that will have you more excited over chain hoists than you have ever been. 


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