Quality Lifting Equipment Available at AJM Engineering Services

What is a big construction project without the necessary equipment? A prolonged task! Every construction company or industrial establishment has to have a set of quality lifting equipment for maximum building turnaround time and efficiency.


Chain and Rope Hoists

A chain hoist and a rope hoist are basically the same; they serve the same purpose which is to lift or carry heavy objects. These two pieces of lifting equipment have similar mechanisms that can be manually or pneumatically operated. Additionally, they are cost efficient and increase output of the initiated project.

Included in our range of hoists are:

  • ProStar 250 Kg Electric Chain Hoist
  • ProStar Electric Chain Hoist
  • ProStar S Series – 10 ton electric Hoist

Our range includes many more products.

Crane Components and Crane Remote Control Systems

AJM Engineering Services offers a wide range of crane components that are manufactured for superior quality. Our components are completely wired and customized to suit clients’ specific requirements. The crane remote control systems are designed to be of the highest quality for an extend service life.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are predominately found in the industrial sector; this lifting equipment has parallel runways that have a travelling bridge going across both ends. Additionally, they are fully functional and have a hoist attached to the center of the runways.

For more information on our range of products, contact AJM Engineering today.

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