Signs that show it’s time to change your overhead crane equipment

Manufacturers invest a substantial amount in the equipment at their facilities. Effective overhead crane equipment is an essential part of daily operations. Overhead crane equipment improves productivity and safety so they always need to be in good working condition. Any equipment that is in constant use starts to wear out. You can only use your overhead crane for so long until it’s time to buy new equipment. Here are 4 signs it’s time to upgrade your overhead crane equipment. 

Multiple repairs 

The older your equipment gets the more often it needs to be repaired and maintained. This increases the facility’s downtime while you order a new part or perform maintenance. Increased downtime can be costly so if your crane is struggling to perform basic daily tasks, it’s time to have it evaluated. In most cases, it’s time to look for new overhead crane equipment. 

Expired warranty

Most crane parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties are extended over long periods and act as good indicators for the lifespan of the parts of your crane. If you are repairing a major component of your crane sometime after its warranty has expired then it might be time to look for a replacement. 

Your requirements have changed 

As your facilities grow and change the demands on the crane will change along with it. You might need a crane that works faster or with more control. 

Equipment fails inspection   

This is a clear giveaway that it is time to change your overhead crane equipment. You should have your crane equipment evaluated regularly so that it abides by regulatory standards. 

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